BioRescue: Developing Advanced Reproduction Technologies

for saving critically endangered mammals such as the Northern White Rhino

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The last two Northern White Rhinos left are both females - Najin & Fatu. To save these charismatic animals from extinction seems impossible under these circumstances. An international project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research aims to make the seemingly impossible a reality and is developing methods of assisted reproduction and stem cell research under the leadership of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW). Find out more about the project.



Advanced assisted reproduction in white rhinos is safe and r

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Colossal Biosciences joins BioRescue in its mission to save

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Five new embryos and new surrogate mothers added to the Nort

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BioRescue produces primordial germ cells from northern white

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A second chance for the Sumatran rhino

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BioRescue consortium announces 5 new embryos created after 1

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The BioRescue consortium is very grateful for any donations to support the rescue mission for the Northern White Rhino! With the help of your support, the animals can be offered a bright future. The following page lists all donors & supporters who have supported this rescue mission with more than 1,000 USD.

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The BioRescue project is contributing scientific and veterinary expertise to the Northern White Rhino rescue mission. However, progress in research alone is not enough to prevent the extinction of these charismatic and important creatures. Well-coordinated cooperation of many committed partners in politics, nature conservation, economy and civil society is needed to give them a future. With your help the rescue mission can be a success!

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