The BioRescue project develops and pioneers advanced assisted reproduction technologies (aART) for conservation in the face of the imminent extinction of most rhino species and subspecies.

With only two living females left, the partnership will contribute to the genetic recovery of the northern white rhino from complete extinction.

Four years since the start of this ambitious project to save the Northern White Rhino from extinction, the BioRescue consortium has made significant progress towards its ultimate aim.

In its race to advance assisted reproduction and stem cell associated technologies to save the northern white rhinoceros from extinction, the BioRescue consortium announces a major breakthrough: the creation of primordial germ cell-like cells (PGCLSs) from induced pluripotent stem cells of th

Malaysia’s last male Sumatran rhino, Kertam, died in 2019. Now, a team from the Max Delbrück Center in Berlin has successfully grown stem cells and mini-brains from his skin cells.

Three years after starting its ambitious programme to save the northern white rhino from extinction through advanced assisted reproduction technologies, the BioRescue consortium draws a positive interim conclusion: Following the 10thevent of harvesting immature egg cells (oocytes)

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The BioRescue project is contributing scientific and veterinary expertise to the Northern White Rhino rescue mission. However, progress in research alone is not enough to prevent the extinction of these charismatic and important creatures. Well-coordinated cooperation of many committed partners in politics, nature conservation, economy and civil society is needed to give them a future. With your help the rescue mission can be a success!

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